Koleston Perfect -
Exceed the limits of hair coloring together

Koleston Perfect's story has spanned the decades: in 1950 Koleston developed the world's first cream hair color. Since then Koleston has been the brand for hair color - indispensable in over 18,000 hairdresser salons throughout the world.

How can something perfect be even more perfect? By following new paths, and breaking through the boundaries. Take up the new challenge yourself and create stunning permanent colors you will love.


Life is too short for dull colors

A touch of color to express your joy of life - Color Touch gives you all reasons to play with color and have fun.

Gentle and ammonia-free, Color Touch is the ideal semi permanent color. It allows you to express your modern, lively personality with shades that last through 24 washes.

Color Touch provides even, vibrant color results with its hair transforming color pigments, keratin and natural wax.



Immerge into the world of Magma

Be inspired by sparkling color and iridescent light. Discover the power of lightening and explore the stunning shades of the entire color spectrum with Magma High Lightening Color.

From a cool blonde to a brilliant, contrast-rich red to a shiny brunette, only Magma makes lightening and shading so luminous, vibrant and alluring - and in just one easy step.

Play with color, create a unique look and be empowered by shining light.


Catch the light

Put the energy and purity of light into your hair and get the blonde look you desire.

Blondor contains oil-based active ingredients with moisture binding lipids and provides perfect and individualized lightening from sun-kissed hair to even the lightest blonde - for the most alluring blonde ever.